Thermal Spraying

Thermal Spraying is a process in which metallic & non metallic materials are deposited in a molten or semi – molten form on a prepared substrate, imparting properties that the substrate would not otherwise possess.

Since many metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, cermets & combinations can be applied through this process, it’s potential in cutting edge applications is yet to be fully developed.

Using a thermal spray gun, the feedstock material (in powder, rod or wire form) is melted by an electric arc or combustible gas and accelerated on to a substrate.

As the particle strike the surface, they Flatten, adhere and confirm to the irregularities of the surface. Upon impact with the substrate, these Flatten particles cool and build up to form a coating.

Benefits of Thermal Spraying - Aluminum or zinc

• 15-20 years no maintenance
• Minimum need for maintenance = Savings
• Low Cost
• On site services available
• Superior Adhesion
• Excellent service life
• No health hazard from solvents or
other organic substances
• No drying/curing time
• Operating temperature range: - 45ºC to 538ºC
• Fast turn around times on application
• 2 types of application: Flame Spray & Arc Technology
• Compatible with most metals


SAPREF, Grinaker LTA, Goss & Balfe, Bevline & Fluor.