Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) System with Stellite & Tungsten Carbide

The PTA System’s ability to apply tough wear areas is unsurpassed. Parts like valves, engine valve seats, feed screws,
Flow control valves, glass moulds & plastic moulds will benefit considerably from this treatment.
The economical benefits of applying a high performance wear surface to a less expensive base metal are immediately evident.
The PTA process metallurgically bonds metallic surface powder to any base metal with as little as 5% dilution per pass, thereby permitting thin, less expensive overlays with superior overlay chemistry. The PTA system is able to meet the challenges of the toughest wearing projects, providing a coat which is perfectly matched to the application.
The system boasts the added advantage of the advanced AVC tracking system with an 8m span, rendering it capable of hard facing extruder, feed screws & shafts


Nickel based alloys such as the Stellite powder
Range for valves (steam & chemical),
Rollers, wear rings,
Wood chipper segments & knife clamps
For the pulp & paper industry.

Stainless steel for pump components & stainless repairs

 Tungsten carbide for wear rings, wear plates, sleeves, pistons etc.

PTA System Benefits


Minimal dilution – so your wear surface remainsas tough as it should be
It produces unbreakable, permanent metallurgical bonds
A wide selection of tough surfacing materials