Arc Spray & Wire Combustion Metallising

A second life through metallising & hard facing Unparalleled expertise in this field assures a distortion free process with the lowest possible replacement costs. Worn or broken components are refurbished to original specifications. Arc spray Metallising can also be applied to forged components.
Sprayed metal is generally harder due to oxides & more porous than original metal & has excellent bearing characteristics, due to oil retention in the pores of metal.

Arc Spray Metallising is done on Stainless & Carbon steel.
Wire Combustion Metallising is done on Aluminum & zinc for anti corrosive coating as well as Molybdenum, lead, copper, nickel etc.


Twin-Wire Arc

In the twin wire arc system, two wires (with opposite polarity) are charged and fed electrically into the gun until contact is made at the nozzle. Between 18-40 volts are applied across the wires to initiate melting of the tips.
At this point, an atomizing gas propels the molten particles onto the substrate. Common applications of twin wire arc coatings involve the coating of aluminum or zinc for corrosion resistance.