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Romotas has been a name synonymous with quality, integrity & innovation at every stage of our development.

We continuously invest in new technologies whilst instilling the values and work ethics that have forged this company into the surface engineering powerhouse that it is.


Thermal Spray

Thermal Spraying is a process in which metallic & non metallic materials are deposited in a molten or semi – molten form on a prepared substrate, imparting properties that the substrate would not otherwise possess.


In the process, inert gas is passed through an electric  arc formed between the cylindrical copper anode & the centrally aligned tungsten-tipped cathode. As the gas passes through the arc it disassociates the molecules and ionizes the atoms, thereby forming a plasma jet.


Nothing is more important in an HP/HVOF system than the quality of the coating it produces. HP/HVOF boasts the highest combustion pressure & high spray rate which has the advantages of reducing porosity & creating an extremely high coating density with a low oxide content.


The PTA System’s ability to apply tough wear areas is unsurpassed. Parts like valves, engine valve seats, feed screws, flow control valves, glass moulds & plastic moulds will benefit considerably from this treatment.


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